More than 120 years in the building and survey measuring sectors speaks for itself.

The acquisition of experience over many decades is and remains the foundation of our range of performance in engineering survey measurement. Whether it involves power station, tunnel or high-rise construction, our company is always in demand when it is necessary to handle projects competently, precisely and sustainably.

ing hamitabad

Hamitabad gas power station | Turkey – 3D laser scan of the cooling tower, 3D laser scan, internal view of X-supports, 3D model, internal view of X-supports


ing ruckhalde01

Ruckhalde Tunnel | Switzerland


ing ruckhalde02

Ruckhalde Tunnel | Monitoring of tunnel drive


ing grobnik01

Racetrack in Grobnik | Croatia


ing grobnik02

Racetrack in Grobnik | Croatia – Documentation of damage to the road using a measurement vehicle


ing koe01

Kö Bow | Düsseldorf


ing koe02

Kö Bow | Düsseldorf – Long-term monitoring, facade


ing lakhta

3D laser scan of a 4-storey foundation, Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg | Russia


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