The competence center has a long tradition in the field of formwork and scaffolding. In the 1960s, as part of the Heitkamp Group, we became one of the leading companies for formwork and scaffolding rentals, especially for manufacturing special formwork. All of our engineers acquired essential knowledge in working with formwork and scaffolding from their own experience. That means our designs focus on the architects’ requirements and what exactly is needed on the different building sites. Our expertise allows us to develop a tailor-made concept for every construction project, one that meets your completely individual requirements and can be implemented reliably.

From the design and planning stage to execution and construction support, all of our services are especially tailored to your needs. Precision and deadline requirements, functionality and efficiency are significant parts of our guiding principles to ensure more reliable planning, calculation and execution.

The quality standards for buildings are constantly rising; at the same time, there is a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We ensure that unusual as well as ambitious visions can become a reality. Nowadays, our engineers, technicians and project managers are in a position to implement projects that could not be realized in the past. We apply the best expertise, the latest technology and creative ideas to set the standards for tomorrow.


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System formwork

We hold more than 20,000 m² of various formwork systems from the leading German manufacturers in stock. That allows us to respond to every challenge and find the perfect solution, especially for ambitious building projects.


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Special formwork

Providers for the manufacture of special formwork are becoming more difficult to find. We see our strengths particularly in this pretentious working area and are involved in all parts of the construction industry:

|    Hydraulic construction, e.g. locks, canals, renaturation, quay facilities, off-shore parks

|    Power plant construction, e.g. thermal power stations, cooling tower construction, transformer stations

|    Civil engineering, e.g. stadiums, hotels, shopping centers, adventure parks, living parks for every type of clientele, schools, clinics

|    Industrial construction, e.g. silos, railway stations, airports, road construction, bridges





We also keep 1000 tons of name-brand scaffolding systems on hand. Our team develops contemporary and economical concepts for every need in the construction industry, based on the DIN standard. Our experienced assembly specialists can realize the following concepts as:

|    as falsework and formwork scaffold

|    as ceiling scaffold

|    as working scaffold

|    as bricklayer’s scaffold

|    as protective scaffold


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| Construction management support
We do a significant part of the work preparation, saving you time and money.


| Individual solutions
Our broad product range means we have the perfect formwork for every project. At the same time, we also optimize repetitive shuttering times, which shortens the construction process and keeps it on schedule.


| Project-related pre-assembly
Outsourcing the pre-assembly ensures tighter planning and construction times, which eliminates the need for large manufacturing and work spaces on the construction site.


| Interface coordination
You are working with a permanent partner, which eliminates unnecessary interface coordination and prevents delays.


| Professionalism
Experienced contact partners ensure fast, targeted communications. They make sure all of the working steps proceed without friction.


| Deadlines and cost security
Our guaranteed on-time implementation secures your cost calculations and means that the given deadlines are reliably met.


We are the specialists for formwork and specialty formwork in every sector of the construction industry. Our professionals can make even the most unusual requests from architects a reality.

In collaboration with our technical support, our project managers and our workshop groups in wood working, metal working and production, we create solutions for every challenge - under strict cost control to ensure an efficient construction process.


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